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Magma Metalworks is a small custom metal fabrication shop working in architectural and decorative metal design and fabrication. The studio specializes in custom metal furniture and smaller fine metal craft, and primarily works with clients from NYC to all of New England. Erica Moody founded Magma in 2001 and has been working as a professional metal fabricator since 1994. Her initial creative focus was in the arts, specifically photography, and this creative and artistic foundation, combined with over 20 years of practical metal fabrication and design provides a distinguished chemistry bringing to her work technical precision, strength, efficiency, and beauty.

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The Studio

Magma Metalworks has recently moved from the Boston area into a late 1800s post and beam barn in the Midcoast Maine town of Waldoboro. We are still working with Boston area clients while expanding our reach further across New England, as well as now cultivating our own line of small metal wares at

The machines and tools we use are often vintage, yet powerful known giants of the trade. Our machine shop includes a 6 foot Logan lathe, a Bridgeport milling machine, a Bewo cold saw, a 12 ton press, a Kalamazoo horizontal bandsaw, a DoAll upright industrial bandsaw, a gear driven 1.5 hp drill press, a Miller Dynasty 200 tig welder, an Industrial Baldor Buffer, and an oxy/acetylene gas torch. Combined with select hand tools and precise craftsmanship, our shop is able to provide superior finished products, in both form and function.

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We have developed contacts with our industrial neighbors to include efficient specialized resources in machine forming, rolling, punching, CNC machining and cutting, industrial painting and finishing, CAD drawings, engineer consulting, and fellow craftsmen of various trades able to contribute a variety of material options.

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We work with mild steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. We will also collaborate with craftsmen specializing in wood, glass, jewelry, and resin to complement some metal designs. We can explore numerous possibilities to suit your specific needs.

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Fabrication methods used in-house include TIG welding, silver and soft soldering, machining, lathing, shaping by hand with hammers, files and abrasives, and small scale hot forging. Careful attention is directed to efficient set-ups, precise parts and clean details.

Our design process often begins with an online exchange of ideas and ballpark pricing. Then a meeting on-site to further discuss ideas and photograph locations. We then can provide preliminary sketches and refine costs of various solutions. Once an idea is selected, we follow-up with detailed shop drawings and finalize the fabrication schedule.

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